Building Blocks of Resilience to Become the Powerhouse of Tomorrow

by North West Regional College Policy Submitter 27 February 2020, 18:40

Category: NUS-USI Policy Proposal

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The problem:
The levels of mental health issues affecting the population of Northern Ireland is a worrying problem. Research shows that mental health is a concern for young people with a significant amount having had concerns or worries about illnesses including anxiety, depression, self-harm and eating disorders.

Resilience to the problems of everyday life amongst students within the FE sector has often been mentioned as a factor in poor mental health. Individual resilience, built through self-discovery and personal development activity, can be so beneficial.

Colleges can play a leading role in embedding resilience skills to help deal with such issues. 

Our position:
International mobility offers a pathway to finding new partners, techniques and methodologies to make progress in such areas. Links with European partners, keen to play a leading role in discovering new techniques, can be discovered.

Proposed tactics:

The development of Self-discovery activity based workshops, building upon the theory that failure can be a positive experience, would be an ideal outcome. Other techniques and methodologies could also be found during research stage of potential projects.


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    James Campbell   wrote, 25-03-2020 - 15:03

    I think this should be the primary policy, before you transform an institution, you need to heal the individual in whatever way that makes itself evident - the psychological literature couldn't be clearer that courage is what anxious people need, not a hole to hide in, and researching the various manners in which this can be done would change the face and the heart of student life in the UK and Ireland

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