Submitted by NSoA: Apprentices should be paid the Real Living Wage

by Democracy Admin NUS-USI 02 March 2020, 15:29

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The Problem:

The Apprentice minimum wage is too low, is frequently ignored and should be abolished.

Apprentices bring economic value to their employers and this is recognised in their wage.


If apprentices are not paid the living wage they are, by definition, not being paid enough to live.

Apprentices are both learners and both workers. The idea that apprentices should have a lower minimum wage than other workers to signify the contribution to the cost of their education is regressive and unfair.


Our Position:

We call for more severe consequences for those who mismanage training providers or apprenticeships.


Recent times have seen a number of training providers fail leaving apprentices in the lurch. Directors involved in failed providers have rapidly resurfaced and are back working in the sector whilst the apprentices they were meant to be training are still waiting to complete their apprenticeships.


The most recent UK apprenticeship pay survey revealed some 20% of level 2 and 3 apprentices had been illegally paid less than the pittance of the apprentice minimum wage. Half of apprentices also reported receiving no off the job training. The last 2 pay surveys have not included Northern Ireland. We’re campaigning on information that’s almost 6 years old. The next survey should include us too.